Stand-Easy Phoenix Surround Sound Speaker Stands

Stand-Easy Phoenix Surround-Sound Speaker Stands

This sleek-looking pair of surround sound satellite speaker stands represents not only great value for money but also makes a firm statement that your audio quality is important to you. Capable of mounting any rear mounted satellite speaker these stands will lift your satellite up off the floor or shelf where it may have been sitting and bring new life to the quality of sound it outputs. No longer will it be affected by the audio dampening properties of your floor or shelf and instead will be given full reign to output its glorious sound, free of external interference.

With a heavyweight base portion these stands will remain upright and won’t just fall over with the slightest of knocks like some stands can do, and along with the adjustable height of the stands themselves they will fit right in with any modern or contemporary decoration style and audio equipment. You’ll find that pretty much any rear mount capable satellite speaker is capable of being mounted to this set of speaker stands and with the integrated cable hide there will be no messy visible wires either. This pair of speaker stands also comes with all necessary screws and mount fixtures you will need to attach your satellite speaker and keep those messy cables out of the way.

Sadly this set of stands is no longer available, you may however find a suitable alternative from those below…