Surround Sound Speaker Stands

These days surround sound speakers have became common place in the age of the home theatre system and are an integral part of our audio-visual experience to the extent that most homes will have such surround sound or 5.1 speakers to give it it's more common name. However, you don't always get the vital surround sound speaker stands that you need to get the maximum possible high quality audio experience. The great thing about a quality speaker stand is that it will cushion your actually speakers against any vibrations that they or the environment they sit in may generate, these vibrations can greatly distort the frequency of the speaker and corrupt the quality of the sound they're capable of producing. So as you can imagine, its extremely important to have a surround sound speaker stand that is capable of providing all the cushioning and absorption that your speaker needs to provide its best possible output.

Stand-Easy Phoenix Surround-Sound Speaker Stands
Stand-Easy Phoenix Surround Sound Speaker Stands
This sleek-looking pair of surround sound satellite speaker stands represents not only great value for money but also makes a firm statement that your audio quality is important to you. Capable of mounting any rear mounted satellite speaker these stands will lift your satellite up off the floor or shelf...

A brief history of Surround Sound

Surround sound has come a long way since its initial conception at the hands of Walt Disney studios with a very early form that later become known as "fantasound" due to its use in the musical fantasia in the 1940s. Using a primitive 3 channel audio system the sound could be directed and shaped throughout the room giving the listener a convincing sensation of being right in amongst the sound as opposed to sitting directly opposite it. Sadly the experiment was not all that it hoped to be and the actual surround sound music was removed from the film version of the musical however, some good did come of this as this was the initial conception of sound sound and where it began to take off and develop into the technology we know and experience to this day.

During the 50s and 60s various audio engineers played with surround sound and in particular surround sound speaker stands to improve upon the initial design and in the 1970s the world was introduced to 3.1 surround sound, which was not initially a success. This is where the story takes an unusual turn, as the same audio engineer continued to improve upon his work whilst working as an audio expert at the world famous Moulin Rouge Cabaret in France. It was here in this unusual setting that the engineer perfected his work and in 1987 the world first heard true 5.1 surround sound experience. Featuring a sturdy set of surround sound speaker stands and 6 channel audio the engineer was able to demonstrate a truly diverse audio arrangement, one which no doubt contributed to the success of the Moulin Rouge.