Set of 4 Universal Surround Sound Speaker Stands

Sony Speaker Stands

Whilst sony brand speaker stands are becoming more and more difficult to find, the growing range of universal speaker stands that are capable of mounting many different brands of speakers is more than making up for Sony’s shyness in this department. Coming as a set of four they are ideal for mounting satellite speakers via either a single thread or keyhole type fitting. However i have to admit that i was a little hesitant at first with these speaker stands as the base seems a little, how shall i put it, flimsy? Thankfully however i was pleasantly surprised at just how sturdy they actually are and they fit well against the floor offering a good level of protection against accidental collisions and are quite hard to knock over.

With the usual array of features such as varied mounting fixtures, cable tidy system down the inside of the stand and adjustable height they have all you would come to expect from a competent speaker stand. With the added bonus of being universal you can mount both your current set of speakers and any other speakers you decide to use in the future. Personally I’m still not sure that the stand will deliver the highest possible insulation from vibrations, however i dare say that for the price you can’t really go wrong especially as they come as a set of four!