Floor standing Kef Speaker Stand

kef speaker stand

Designed for the model 7 series of speakers, these sleek-looking Kef speaker stands not only offer a quality boost to your speakers audio but also look and feel quite stunning. They are certainly at home in any room or setting thanks to these stylish looks and design. Standing at just under 80cm tall they are ideal for positioning your Kef speakers at the average ear height (when sitting). As one of the few sets of stands released by the manufacturers themselves they are unlikely to fit any other speakers other than the model 7 series of speakers, so if you’re serious about your audio then these stands are definitely the one for you. With a sturdy base and sleek-looking aluminum stand they will proudly hold your speakers aloft and help them to deliver the maximum possible sound quality.

As noted, these speaker stands are specifically for the Kef model 7 series of speaker and are unlikely to fit any other type of speaker, so please be sure before you buy!