Sona HCS-4G Surround Sound Speaker Stands

4 set of speaker stands

These stunning set of 4 speaker stands quite simply ooze sex appeal, from the gorgeous strengthened glass stands through to the tip of isolation spikes. I’m a big fan of these stands in case that wasn’t obvious and with good reason too, if you’re looking for a set of 4 stands to mount satellite speakers on then you simply can’t go wrong with these. And it’s not just good looks that you get from this set, they are packed with the latest features for ensuring your speakers give you the best possible sound quality. The solid glass stands sit upon 4 isolation spikes which minimises the contact the speaker stands have with the floor they rest on, further reducing any interference and vibrations. However don’t worry about these spikes scratching your precious floor as they are mounted on small rubber feet that will ensure no damage to your flooring should these speakers be dragged across them on their isolation spikes.

You get the usual features too with this set of speaker stands including no messy or visible wiring thanks to the hidden wires that run down the center of the hollow tube stand. All told, these speakers offer not only an aesthetically pleasing solution but also some of the best possible features one could want from a set of 4 speaker stands and are certainly one to be considered by all.