Home Cinema Speaker Stands

With the growth in home cinema systems more and more people are wanting a particular style of home cinema speaker stands that will fit in with their own individual style and tastes. After all, who in their right mind would go to the expense of having their ultimate home cinema or theatre complete with 5.1 surround sound speakers yet fail to maximise the quality of their audio experience with a set of home cinema speaker stands? With a set of quality speaker stands your audio experience will rise to new levels thanks to the cushioning and anti vibration properties of such stands. Just imagine sitting in front of your home cinema system and experiencing each individual explosion in the latest action film or each tender shared moment in the latest romantic comedy all with the crystal clear clarity that a vibration free set of speaker stands offers. No more will your home cinema audio be corrupted from vibrations and external interference.

4 set of speaker stands
Sona HCS-4G Surround Sound Speaker Stands
These gorgeous modern glass based speaker stands will look right at home in any setting and are suitable for mounting up to 4 rear mount satellite speakers....

Choosing the right Home Cinema Speaker Stands

In recent years home cinema systems have come along way from its humble beginnings in the 1990s and nowadays it's not uncommon to find a blu-ray player, HD television and of course the 5.1 surround sound home cinema speakers, which gives the viewer a stunning quality audio visual experience. If you've shelled out a small fortune for your home cinema system why would you scrimp in some areas? One of the most overlooked areas of the home cinema system is the speaker stands, or rather lack of them. Often the user will get home and begin to unpack their system only to find that the speaker stands are far from being high quality or even worse, not supplied at all! If you find yourself in this situation or simply wish to improve upon your current stands then investing in a high quality vibration dampening set of home cinema speaker stands will certainly give you a boost to the quality of audio your speakers can output.

So what is so important about using a speaker stand you may ask? Well the key function is to lift your speakers up off the floor and cushion them against vibrations and interference that comes from the everyday environment. This cushioning protects the actual speaker membrane as it resonates, helping to reduce or eliminate oddities in the sound caused by such vibrations. We would suggest that you consider using speaker stands for all of your speakers except for the big base or floor speaker as these are designed to work best when in close proximity to the floor itself. Instead you should look for a set of suitable home cinema speaker stands for each of your other speakers, particularly if they are satellite speakers that due to their relative light weight are especially vulnerable to 3rd party vibrations and hence the disturbance of the sounds that they produce.