Techlink Avatar TLSA1B


I first came across these stands when at a friends dinner party  and I was immediately drawn to them, their sleek looks and glass finish is somewhat unusual when it comes to such stands, and for me they combine to give a striking effect not to mention a crisp, clear sound quality. It’s plain to see how they achieve this quality of sound too, with a rock solid construction, the tear shaped solid cores of the stands are firmly affixed both top and bottom to chunky glass plates that support the speaker. It’s not often that such a functional object could be called beautiful, or perhaps even a work of art, however the Techlink Avatar TLSA1B stands could well be a well deserved candidate for such superlatives. Such an elegant design deserves to be on show and these composite metal and glass stands simply beg to be seen! However it’s not just good design where these stands excel, they actually deliver on the technical side of things too…

Moving onto the technical stuffs, these stands will easily support speakers up to 30kg in weight and their rock solid design means there will be no unwanted vibrations or sound resonance as your speakers rest there. To complement this design, both solid metal spikes as well as rubber feet are supplied so you can choose which is best suited for your flooring, being it carpet, wood or whatever you care to throw at it. It’s important to choose the right feet to use, for carpets we suggest using the metal spikes which will anchor your stands firmly to the floor and prevent any vibrations rising up through the stand. For wooden or stone floors we would suggest using the solid rubber feet which will help prevent any scratching or marking of your floor surface whilst still insulating your speaker stands from any unwanted vibrations. Finally we have the well thought out cable tidy that will keep those unsightly cables and wires out of view, tucked safely away behind the stand where they are protected from small grubby hands, which can be a huge problem if you have younger children in the house.

So there you have it, if you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing glass based stands then these beautiful speaker stands offer both an elegant design and a well manufactured solution for your speaker stands, allowing them to shine in their full auditory glory. However don’t just take our word for it, we strongly suggest you check out the reviews online for the Techlink Avatar TLSA1B stands and see for yourself just how highly recommended these stands come.