Soundstyle Z-2 Hi-Fi Speaker Stands

award winning speaker stands

These superb award-winning hi-fi speaker stands are the ideal way to improve the quality of audio from your speakers. Packed with all of the latest features to ensure the best possible damping of vibrations to leave your speaker free to reproduce it’s best audio experience. Featuring a rigid steel core that provides a strong inner column to the stand to help reduce structural vibrations and both top and bottom spikes that further reduce the impact structural vibrations have on both your speaker and the stand itself. Further, the adjustable floor spikes can be tweaked on an individual basis to ensure the speaker stand itself makes the best possible contact with the floor and offers a stable platform for your speaker to rest upon.

All of the care and consideration has been put into this speaker stand is obvious when you experience the increased quality of sound they can provide, and it’s plain to see why this set of speaker stands has become an award winner. They simply ooze quality of build and design, with everything you could want from a stand. Well, not quite everything although this depends on the flooring in which you plan to place the speaker. If for example you have wooden floors then the spikes on the bottom of this speaker could cause considerable damage to them if dragged across such a surface. Thankfully however there is an optional set of rubber speaker stand feet that can be attached to the bottom of the stands spikes and protect your wooden floor whilst still providing the majority of the dampening of vibrations. All in all, we’d have to highly recommend these set of speaker stands for all situations.