Floor Speaker Stands

The quality of audio reproduction your speaker is capable of is an extremely fragile thing and it can be affected by the slightest of vibrations in its surrounding environment. Such unwanted vibrations come from a number of sources and in a worse case scenario can corrupt the clarity of the sound produced by your speaker. So how do we combat this you may ask? Well one of the best methods is by lifting the speaker up off the floor and to insulate it from said vibrations as effectively as possible. With floor speaker stands your speaker unit is lifted up into the air and out of harms way from vibrations that may otherwise travel through the speaker and disrupt its audio quality. All modern floor speaker stands come with insulation at their feet to protect against these vibrations traveling up through the stand and into your speaker and it's this that is the key to gaining the best possible quality of sound from your speakers. Something we should all strive for no matter if it's for listening to your favourite music in the comfort of your own home or when producing a professional quality sound.

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Why you should use floor speaker stands

As mentioned above, speakers are extremely sensitive to vibrations and these unwanted vibrations adversely effect the quality of sound in one of two ways, the first is via airborne sources. As i'm sure you are aware, speakers produce their sound by vibrating a membrane to produce sound waves in the air and it's these sound waves that are extremely vulnerable to air born vibrations. Whether the vibrations come from other audio equipment or movement in the air caused by open windows or other movement in the room it can be tricky to eliminate such interference from affecting your speakers sound quality. One of the best ways is to lift your speaker up and off the floor to a more mid height that will free it's sound waves from the path of furniture or other such interruptions. Thankfully most satellite floor speaker stands will lift and insulate your speakers from such air born vibrations.

The second form is speaker "bone" vibrations which are mostly structural in nature but are by far the worst and most common form of vibration that will effect your average floor speaker. Structural vibrations are normally out of your control and can result from things such as pipes, fridge units, washing machines or more serious long term problems such as traffic outside.The simple solution is to raise the speaker up off the floor on a floor speaker stand which will also provide various forms of extra insulation to ensure that any structural vibrations have as little an effect as possible and are dampened before they ever reach your actual speaker unit. This simple technique alone can vastly increase the quality of sound produced by your speaker unit offering you the best possible quality of sound.