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When looking for a new set of speaker stands there a number of important things to take into consideration in order to get the optimum possible sound quality, not least how well it will compliment the room and audio equipment your stand is to be used with. Ranging from surround sound speaker stands to home cinema speaker stands we have a broad selection of the finest stands available from the biggest manufacturers and high street retailers. Let's be honest here, we are all after the best possible audio quality from our speaker products which of course is our top priority, but we also want style, we want stands that look good and perform perfectly! Whatever your tastes, whatever your audio equipment, we have the perfect stand to suit you and your price range right here no matter whether you seek a sleek stand or a floor speaker stand, perhaps even a brightly coloured stand we're sure you won't be disappointed with our selection.

Techlink Avatar TLSA1B
The elegant glass and metal composite design of the Techlink Avatar TLSA1B speaker stands hides a little secret.... These stands actually deliver on the technical side of things too....
kef speaker stand
Floor standing Kef Speaker Stand
These model 7 series Kef speaker stands not only look stunning but also provide an excellent means of insulating your speakers from external vibrations....
Sony Speaker Stands
Set of 4 Universal Surround Sound Speaker Stands
Whilst sony brand speaker stands are becoming more and more difficult to find, the growing range of universal speaker stands that are capable of mounting many different brands of speakers is more than making up for Sony's shyness in this...
Bose Surround Sound Speaker Stands
Bose Surround Sound Speaker Stands
These solid and sturdy speaker stands come complete with multiple different speaker mounting brackets to ensure the best possible compatability with your speakers, both now and in the future....
award winning speaker stands
Soundstyle Z-2 Hi-Fi Speaker Stands
These award winning speaker stands simply ooze quality and are packed with all the latest inovations to increase the quality of sound your speaker can produce....

Why do you need speaker stands?

Well, by lifting your speak up off the floor and mounting them on a secure stand that will prevent vibration of the speaker itself and absorb minor vibrations from the environment in which your speaker is, the quality of your music and digital audio equipment is vastly improved due to the isolation of the speaker from external vibrations. Ideally, your speakers should be mounted at the same level of your ear as it sits in is usual listening position. This further helps the acoustics of the speaker as the audio waves can move freely through the air and be unobstructed in their journey towards your ears.

These days modern speaker stands have a multitude of advanced technological features to ensure that vibrations and other disturbances will not reach the actual speaker and disrupt the quality of it's sound. Ranging from specially developed foam cushioning and a sturdy design up to high tech balancing features the science behind speaker stands has came a long way in recent years and to ensure you get the best from your audio equipment it's important to choose a quality speaker stand as some cheap stands can adversely effect the quality of your speakers sound due to poor insulation from vibrations and other analogue/digital interference.

Recently the wife and I had occasion to remodel our main living room, and as you may have guessed, one of my top priorities was to get the perfect home cinema setup. The wife however wasn't as enthusiastic about it as i was, though we managed to come to a compromise (in case you're interested, I get the home theatre, she gets a new hot tub, sounds fair to me!) and we set about planning it's new design. One thing my wife insisted upon is that all the wires for the TV, DVD and other accessories as well as any other cables were thoroughly hidden from sight, which of course is simple enough for the majority of the cabling involving a few cable ties and most of it can be hidden with ease, the problem lays however with the satellite speakers as with their need to be placed at various points around the room meant that there was going to be significant cabling. Thankfully however we were able to secure some slim line, stylish stands for them that would also have the added benefit of keeping the majority of cabling safely out of sight. I'm happy, the wife's happy and i finally have my perfect home cinema system, and of course they include gorgeous kef stands to compliment the pride of place, audio racks system.